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Memories into music!

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Hello readers!
 Today’s post is about music.
For me, music is a very important part of life, I can match almost every memory I have, with a song! So… as you might now, I right a diary! Just because my memory sucks, and to be able to remember almost anything, I have to watch it in a picture, or read it on a paper!! But I also, have another kind of diary   monthly… To remember things of the past, I use songs… Songs that I put into CDs.
 The last couple of days, of every month, I make a CD with the music of that month. Maybe one or two songs from the month’s top 10, an old song, any song I listened to that month… So I try to have at least 15 songs for each month, I burn a CD, and I write the year and the month on the CD top.
 I started doing that like in February of 2008… So I have more or less 40 CDs. And it’s amazing that when I put any of them in my car’s CD player I totally travel back in time to that moment, it’s almost like activating a movie in my mind! I just love to do that… It’s a nice way to keep your memories!



Cooking project

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Now, that i’m by my own in Valencia, I’ve realized that I can’t leave on pizza and sandwiches, so to not get to bored at night, I just started cooking and making up some different recipes… If you feel like doing one of those, just write here on the wall, and I’ll right the recipe for you!

Carne, huevos y verdura Carne estofada Pasta cuatro quesos Tornillos a la española Desayuno americano Tortilla de papas Cupcakes Salteado stir fry Combinado mediterráneo

An instant of music

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United States is not the only place where you can listen to good Jazz… Valencia, Spain, specific in “Cafe Mercedes”  is the best place of the city to discover new Jazz talents… I took some pics of the last geeg… Hope you like them!

Rob Taylor Rogiers Fibby Gregory Groover Rob Taylor Gregory Groover Ricky Lucchese and Myrish Spell Rogiers Fibby Ricky Luccese Fin Singer

Good girls love bad boys


This guys are not together… Not at all hahaha they’re just the models of the picture!!!!
Hello readers (if there’s anyone besides Penny) hahaha! When I though about this post I wasn’t thinking about myself… I was thinking about girls in general and why the good ones always get a broken heart! And after thinking a lot i realized that GOOD GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS!! You can always see this sweet nice girl who has never smoke or even drink, dating a guy that spend all his time doing bad things, getting into fights… Maybe this is the boy’s fault ’cause day boys don’t like to be judge! They just wanna be whit a pretty stupid girl that they can trust on… You know what?? STOP BEING THAT STUPID GIRL!! Don’t be so permissive!! I’m not talking about becoming a bitch but if a guy is a bad influence or he doesn’t treat you as you deserve dump him! Don’t wait till he breaks your heart!!
So this is it.. This one might sound kind of different from my past posts… But I just see this kind of things happening all the time and it really piss me off!! Well tomorrow i’ll post something a lit more soft hahaha c ya tomorrow with a new post aaah!! And if you know any girl like this I describe send this to her!!!!

I <3 Junk food!!!


Hello readers!!
Today, I was talking with myself, thinking about all those campaigns against junk food… In my opinion, of course eating too much fries (chips in UK) is not good for anyone, but at the same time, if you eat too much of anything it wont be healthy ether!! Even water… So I think the campaigns should talk about things you also should eat, like fruits or veggies, and that things. Because “hello” I have a right! I’m a free person, and I don’t want anyone to tell me what I must eat. Eating junk food once in a while won’t hurt me, or you, or anyone… I eat fast food once a week and I’m not fat! This is my top 5 restaurants of not always so  fast food!!
1) McDonalds
2) Burger king
3) Taco Bell (If we had that in Venezuela)
4) Subway
5) Pizza Hut

So this is it… Be happy, eat healthy, but take a little rest once in a while… C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Painting your life

Hello Readers!!


Tonight, a friend of my wrote to me about this theory… “Our life is a work of art that we paint, with every experien
ce we live”
Since we’re born, life gives us this canvas, and all the paints in the world. Every thing we do, or live, will be like a paint stroke in our canvas. The more remarkable and hard to erase will be the darkest ones. So it is our job to convert these strokes, into a beautiful paint.
Your paint as your life will always be unique!  You can make it a memorable peace of work if you do something transcendent in life, reflected in your paint.
When you feel lost, like you don’t know what to do… How to keep painting? It’s because you’re looking at your work to closely. Those, who know exactly what to do with their life. Are the ones watching their paints from a long distance.
The things you’ve done are hard to erase. But you can convert them in something beautiful, if you know how to take advantage of the situation. It means that you shouldn’t regret about your past, and try to amend it in your present, to have a better work of art in your future.
And remember, you’ll paint till the day you dye. It means that it’s never too late, but never late is better.
Today’s song à Life in Technicolor – Coldplay
So this is it… Hope you understand the point of this post… C ya tomorrow with a new post!!

Hairstyle yourself

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Sometimes we are just too bored to do anything at all… If you’re a girl… Why don’t you try playing with your hair… I did it and here you have the results!!!